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Leader's staff of engineers and scientists have completed thousands of hours of historical research at local, state and federal repositories.  The majority of our research efforts have been conducted in conjunction with our Environmental Cost Recovery Services.  

We have conducted successful historical research at repositories including:

  • Corporate Archives
  • Local Libraries
  • College and University Libraries
  • Municipal Archives
  • County Record Retention Centers
  • State Agencies (various) Repositories
  • National Archives Record Administration (College Park, MD; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, PA; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; and Chicago, IL)
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Public Document Room
  • Library of Congress 

Many of Leader's employees are history buffs that find historical research fascinating and rewarding. We have assembled a few images of World War II-era propaganda posters and documents that we have collected over the years.  Come back and visit us soon as we update our website with additional historical images. 

At Leader, we provide our clients with rapid, cost effective solutions built on our high degree of engineering, scientific, and regulatory know-how.

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