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Environmental Site Assessments

Leader personnel have completed over 750 Environmental Site Assessments ("ESA") and property transfer services at residential, commercial and industrial facilities and properties nationwide and internationally. These projects involved reviewing properties for a variety of environmental and OSHA regulatory compliance issues and performing property condition assessments. Although we mainly conduct ESAs in accordance with the applicable ASTM standards (ASTM E 1527-00 and ASTM 1528-96), we have worked for a variety of clients who have different priorities in evaluating properties. Thus, we are comfortable in tailoring the ESA scope of work to meet the specific  needs of our clients. 

The goal of Leader's ESA program is to provide our clients with realistic,  cost-effective information to support a property transaction decision.

The environmental assessment enables our clients to:

  • assess the extent of environmental contamination and breach of  standards at a prospective site;
  • assess the environmental compliance status of the property; and 
  • estimate the costs of remediating the site to regain compliance 
    with regulatory standards and to permit the property transfer to proceed.

The goal is achieved by:

  • interfacing with the client and gaining an understanding of each transaction's unique characteristics;
  • conducting an initial site visit and completing an environmental checklist of "warning" items;
  • using available data to assess the likelihood of contamination and the requirement for sampling; and 
  • conducting additional investigations only as warranted from the  initial assessment to evaluate the extent of contamination and the cost and feasibility of clean-up actions.

Property Condition Reviews

Property condition reviews are a service we perform related to the ESA. Our engineering staff has developed a procedure and checklist in concert with a major national commercial lender which provides a physical review of the property and buildings. By having Leader perform both of these services in a property transfer, the client realizes consistency of written documentation, one source for information on the property, and significant cost savings.

At Leader, we provide our clients with rapid, cost effective solutions built on our high degree of engineering, scientific, and regulatory know-how.

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