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DOT Compliance Services

Leader's comprehensive safety service can help you reduce compliance costs and maintain a satisfactory DOT Safety Rating. Let Leader customize a program to meet your specific needs or provide you with an audit of your transportation safety and compliance department. Leader is also fully staffed to manage your business' motor carrier safety and compliance activities for you in a cost effective and expert manner, allowing you to free up valuable time while knowing that the function is in full compliance. 

Transportation Safety and Compliance Support Services

Leader provides a low cost single management source for DOT Hazardous Material Technical Expertise and Training as well as DOT Motor Carrier Safety and Compliance Functions.

The Leader Team provides services in industry in the following ways:

  • Support of full-time DOT Compliance personnel on specific projects.
  • By supplementing a Corporation's full-time DOT Compliance Staff, responsible for the management of motor carrier safety and compliance issues or hazardous material shipments.

The latter approach allows for the application of Leader's unique DOT Compliance Management capabilities which in most cases result in an overall reduction in a corporation's annual DOT Management costs and improvement in DOT Programs. 

DOT Technical and Training Safety Compliance Services

Motor Carrier

  • Develop, Maintain and/or Audit Driver Qualification Files
  • Provide Regulatory Technical Support
  • Audit Hours of Service Logs
  • Develop, Manage, and Conduct Drive Controlled Substance Testing Program
  • Provide (DOT Mandatory) Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • Filing of Fuel Tax (IFTA), Registration (IRP), and Hazardous Waste Permits.
  • Provide Customized Driver/Vehicle Safety and Compliance Training. 

Hazardous Materials

  • Develop and Conduct Customized (DOT Mandatory) Employee Training
  • Provide Regulatory Technical Support (Full-Time or Project-Oriented)
  • Assist in the Development of In-House Transportation Programs - Shipping Matrix 

Dangerous Goods

  • Develop and Conduct Customized IATA AIR Training Courses
  • Provide Regulatory Technical Shipping Support

For additional information, please contact Jim Staab in Leader's Pittsburgh office at (412) 531-2380.

At Leader, we provide our clients with rapid, cost effective solutions built on our high degree of engineering, scientific, and regulatory know-how.

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