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Leader has managed over $16 billion of corporate acquisitions and divestitures. A substantial portion of Leader's work and expertise falls under this category. Our Scope of Work in these situations includes the following:


Evaluations of Acquisition or Divesture ("Merger") EHST ("Environmental Health Safety and Transportation") regulatory and related business liabilities to determine their impact on the transaction being contemplated. A cogent business summary to the client (typically General Counsel) is used to quantify the potential risks. Leader is experienced in all phases of environmental evaluations prior to re-structuring, plant closings or an offering for sale. In a purchasing mode, where time is of the essence, Leader is skilled in making expedited reviews to quantify environmental and regulatory risks. Leader is also available to assist legal counsel with an interpretation of the risks and development of appropriate representations and warranties, escrows and reserves.


Assisting Corporations in their evaluation of properties for Environmental Insurance to support various types of Merger and general business activities, which include review of known potential environmental liabilities associated with historical site operations, known remediation (soil, groundwater, surface water), regulatory compliance risks and other related concerns.

Leader personnel have considerable experience in assisting many national and multinational corporations in their day-to-day EHST management activities. Since many of Leader’s staff previously worked in corporate EHST at senior or executive level positions, we utilize a business approach unique to many other Consulting Firms. Our approach to EHST matters makes use of those acquired skills in assisting our Outsource Clients needs. Specific tasks we have conducted for Corporate Clients include:

  • Permit and License transfer activities;
  • Compliance program evaluation, corrective action plan preparation and implementation or monitoring;
  • Management of remedial actions and plant closures, including consultants, contractors and waste disposal companies;
  • Preparation of RFPs (Request for Proposals) for decontamination, closure, or preparation of full site decommissioning. Leader has also administered the bidding process and performed oversight of the project activities;
  • Review and audit of tenant operations relative to lease agreement covenants to ensure EHST operations are conforming to lease obligations;
  • Remediation management /oversight; and
  • Management of EHST Legacies (former operations and closed sites).

At Leader, we provide our clients with rapid, cost effective solutions built on our high degree of engineering, scientific, and regulatory know-how.

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