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Ensuring that your company's environmental, health & safety (EH&S) program remains in compliance in today's dynamic regulatory and risk-management environments can be no small task. The use of regular company-specific compliance auditing and assessment permits companies large and small to assess their daily operations. The Auditing process provides companies with a true evaluation of their daily operations and how their processes conform to the numerous regulations, management practices, and the company's own goals and objectives. 

Leader will work with you to develop an auditing program that fits your needs. Our staff of Scientists, Engineers and Industrial Hygienists can work as an independent auditing team, or as a supplement to your corporate auditing staff. 

Auditing Services

  • EH&S Audits
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • ISO 14000
  • Risk Management Programs
  • US DOT Motor Carrier and Hazardous Materials Transportation

Environmental, Health & Safety Audits

Leader provides comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety Audits to businesses and their facilities small and large. Many of our clients have found that routine EH&S audits assist them in maintaining their regulatory compliance, reducing costs and achieving business goals. 

Process Safety Management

Leader personnel have been actively involved in compliance audits, related corrective actions and program development in the Process Safety Management (PSM) discipline. Our work has included being the lead or senior auditor responsible for all aspects of the audit process. PSM audits follow a regimented and detailed protocol under OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.119 provisions and include elements on PSM applicability, mechanical integrity, process safety information, training, audits, emergency response, contractors, hot work permits, management of change, operating procedures, process hazard analysis, pre-start up activities, evaluation of trade secrets, employee participation, and incident investigation. 

ISO 14000 Standards for Environmental Management

Leader has assisted many companies in achieving and maintaining their ISO 14001 registration. Leader can assist your company in achieving ISO 14001 registration. We can assist you with: 

  • Understanding the ISO 14000 standards and how it impacts your business.
  • The requirements of the ISO 14001 registration process.
  • How to meet the ISO 14001 requirements while still meeting your business goals. 
  • Adjusting current management systems to comply with the ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Defining Company environmental policy and objectives.
  • Establishing an environmental management system. 
  • Integration of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 programs into a consolidated management system.
  • Confirming ISO 14001 Auditors legislative findings and recommending corrective actions. 

Risk Management Program

Leader's professionals can assist your company with establishing a Risk Management Program that is tailored to your facility's needs. A few of the common tasks that we routinely undertake for our clients include: 

  • Development of a management system.
  • Conducting hazard assessments.
  • Development and auditing of prevention programs.
  • Development of site specific emergency response plans.
  • Provide training to employees.
  • US DOT Motor Carrier and Hazardous Materials Transportation

Leader provides a full range of US DOT Motor Carrier and Hazardous Materials Transportation services. Please see our DOT Compliance page for additional information or contact Jim Staab at (412) 531-2380 in our Pittsburgh office.

Please contact any of our Leader offices for additional information on our auditing services.

At Leader, we provide our clients with rapid, cost effective solutions built on our high degree of engineering, scientific, and regulatory know-how.

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